Tue, Mar 20, 2018
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"About Us"

We   would   like   to   introduce   ourselves   as   an   “Engineering     &   Fabrication   Services  ”   company . CAPITAL   HI-TECH ENGINEERING,  is  an  offshoot  of  California  Scaffolding Company  which  is  in  operation   since  past  20  yrs  in Dubai , UAE  and  have  been  providing  engineering  services  to  more than  200  customers. Empowered  with  the  enriched  experience of  highly  advanced  and  developed  markets  as  that  of  Dubai , we  are  now  offering  the  same   services , here   at   Neemrana , from   the  past   3  yrs .

“FLEXIBILITY   &  ADAPTATION” to  the  needs  of  the  client  is  our MOTTO.

Our quality objectives are to furnish high quality products, on time, and at the lowest cost which would  lead to, customer satisfaction, enhanced performance at the application level, and ongoing improvements in process efficiency.  To reach our objectives, we like  to maintain a constant focus on quality with full dedication, commitment, and teamwork.




Our Clients